Get your songs heard by thousands of people. Grow your followers. Get featured in hot playlists and skyrocket your artist channel popularity!

Our team here at Social Spike specializes in Spotify promotion using playlists, email lists, public music broadcasts, and Facebook Ads to help you reach as many daily targeted listeners and fans as possible!

Grow Your Spotify Singles & Profile with Strategic Playlist Placements!

All Spotify campaigns are based on a combination of custom Spotify ads & targeted distribution to curators for playlists placements. Our services fully comply 100% with Spotify’s terms of service.




1,000-25,000 Streams Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly!

100% Targeted Organic Streams for your Spotify Single

Specific Genre & Song Style Playlists Placements

Specific Country & Niche Targeting

Keep 100% of ALL Royalties earned

Increased Organic Engagement (Saves + Follows)

Campaign Starts Within 48hrs

Cancel Anytime



Grow Your Entire Music Catalog With Spotify Algorithmic Playlist Placements!

By running targeted ads directly on Spotify with Spotify Ads Studio, we are now able to trigger the Algorithm & have your songs placed on Spotify curated playlists such as





10,000-250,000 Streams Monthly!

Promotion for your entire Spotify Profile!

Extremely targeted ads that drive 100% Spotify Algorithmic Plays!

Location Targeting – Example USA Artists will receive streams from USA & Canada

Keep 100% of ALL Royalties earned

Increased Organic Engagement (Saves + Follows)

Campaign Starts Within 48hrs

Cancel Anytime


Looking to market & grow your Spotify Singles or Profile even more Per Month?
No package too small!!
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How will you promote my music on Spotify?

We use our own partner network to promote your work on Spotify. We have relationships with hundreds of independent playlist curators all over the world. We also run native ad campaigns to get initial traction and boost engagement.

We will never use bots or any type of fake engagement. Our services fully comply with Spotify’s terms of service.

Is it really 100% safe?

Absolutely! We only use natural methods to promote to real people. That’s why we give a range of expected plays for your campaign. This range is estimated. Your campaign has the possibility of doing better or worse. We strive to do the best we can, but it is indeed an organic promotion. We cannot force people to like your track, but we can do our absolute best to ensure it gets seen by the right people.

What genres do you cover?

We can do all genres! Each campaign is unique to us, and we design it for each client according to musical genre, audience, and distribution requirements in order to have their current fan base develop.

Do you promote any song regardless of quality?

We do not. Usually when artists are ready to spend on promotion it means they’re more serious about their craft. Thus, the song is mixed and mastered. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in a fancy studio to do this, just make sure the quality is good. A small percentage of the time, we’ll refund an order due to engineering quality

What do I do if I want to pause or cancel my active Spotify marketing membership?

Simply log into your account from “Manage Account” in the menu then from the left navigation menu go to “Subscriptions” and you can manage your subscription and cancel there.

Since each client has full access to pause or cancel their monthly subscriptions, we do not offer any refunds


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